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Ajyal Film Festival 2018

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Ajyal brings the best of cinema from around the world to Doha audiences, and films for families and every age group are on offer throughout the Festival. There’s a special focus on films made right here in Qatar; short films for children as young as 4; brilliant examples of animation, drama, and comedy; and heavy-hitting documentaries for the serious cinephile.

  • Al Gawasa

    Made in Qatar

    An inspirational portrait of the young men who are on a mission to keep the proud Qatari tradit…

    Sheikha Bahzad, Maryam Al-Thani / Qatar / 2018 / Short Documentary

  • Amphitheater

    Ajyal Competition, Made in Qatar

    Sarah, a professional Qatari photographer, happens upon a rebellious young girl and her family.

    Mahdi Ali Ali / Qatar / 2018 / Short Narrative

  • Antouni

    Ajyal Competition

    A personal look at the effect of displacement, this film centres on Lori, a young girl who is t…

    Alik Tamar / Armenia, United States of America / 2017 / Short Narrative

  • Aquathlon

    Special Screening

    A young man is not too pleased when he is dragged to swimming lessons by his well-meaning mothe…

    Alexey Shabarov / Russian Federation / 2018 / Short Narrative

  • As My Father Was

    Ajyal Competition

    The story of Ali, a 12-year-old "Fili" Kurd who lives in Baghdad. After the fall of Saddam Huss…

    Muslim Habeeb / Iraq / 2018 / Short Documentary