Cultural Partner

Principal Partner

The Ajyal Stage

Ajyal Film Festival brings back the Ajyal stage for three days of fun and excitement. Live musicians, spirited dancers and mesmerising artists from around the world will perform on the Katara Esplanade.

My Family Tree’ Cine Concert—A Forum des Images Production

A selection of five short films that reveal what brings families together; the memory of happy moments, and the branches of a family tree that extend through time. The series will be accompanied live by musicians Alexandre Korovitch, Romain Fleury, Paul Lepicard, Florian Schuegraf and Paul Manfrin. Their wonderful performance is sure to please film and music enthusiasts alike and will grace the Ajyal Stage on 29 November.

Nabeel Abdul Salam

A student of the Ideal Indian School and brother of Arab Singer Nadir Abdul Salam, Nabeel won the Gold Medal in the first Qatar National Music Competition in the ‘Arabic Vocal -Solo category’. Nabeel is also the only Indian student who competed with other Arab nationals presenting Arab Classical and traditional songs in the finals to achieve the honour. We are glad to invite Nabeel to the Ajyal stage on the 30 November for what promises to be an enchanting performance of traditional Arabic songs.

Jelani Akil Bauman

A Grammy Award-winning Jazz Trumpeter from New Orleans, Louisiana, Jelani Akil Bauman graduated with a Masters of Music in Jazz Studies from Michigan State University in 2013. He performed at Madison Square Garden for the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, and we are delighted to host him at Ajyal on 29 November.

Xtreme Level Danz Crew

We are thrilled to showcase a talented group of Filipino dancers at Ajyal this year. Having developed the knowledge and appreciation towards dance, they have performed in several shows with a combination of International music, Ballroom, Jazz, Hip-Hop and other genres.

Belleville Social

Belleville Social is a captivating musical duo composed of a Canadian singer and violin player, Zoe Thiessen, accompanied by Andrew Woodhouse on guitar.

Nirbhay Kataria

We are delighted to bring to you the excellent R&B pop singer from New Dehli, Nirbhay Kataria. He is sure to charm audiences with his incredible voice on 29 and 30 November.

A Performance Desperately in Need of an Audience by Arab Puppet Theater Foundation

A captivating live performance by the Arab Puppet Theatre Foundation, this silent show employs humour, magic, and satire to convey the all too serious issue of migration and exile to audiences. By playfully bending the rules of traditional puppet theatre, props and stage burst to life to tell this touching and affecting parable on the Ajyal Stage this 29 and 30 November.

International Center For Music

In celebration of Qatar-Russia Year of Culture, we are proud to bring you the International Centre for Music and their dedicated team of renowned tutors with the experience in music and Ballet.

Qatar Foundation

A special program bought to you by Qatar Foundation with the combination of a short film and storytelling. The animated series follows the adventures of Rashid and his older sister Noura, along with a group of other fun friends, who work together to discover the letters of the Arabic alphabet. Catering to children aged 2 – 8, Siraj aims to inspire a love of the Arabic language from an early age.


Venkadeshprabu is a respected Indian classical dancer who have performed in the courts of Kings and Royals. He makes his way to the Ajyal Stage on 30 November and 1st of December, so prepare to be mesmerised by this colourful performance!

Nano Giunashvili

Nano Giunashvili is a sand artist, which is an immersive form of entertainment, and people will find themselves lost in the magic of the performance and the story. Her stunning artistry revealing incredibly intricate designs that expertly flow into one another becoming a captivating and moving series of images.

Gala And Jack

“Performing together since 1998, Gala and Jack’s primary focus is smooth cover songs. Having toured several countries including South Korea, Morocco, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, they are now based in Qatar.”

Bottle Boys

Join us for a band of professional musicians and entertainers from Denmark who deliver engaging music performances employing nothing but bottles and other everyday items.

Ghazi Balucci

Ghazi Al Balushi, born and raised in the Sultanate of Oman, is a young aspiring singer-songwriter and self-taught musician from the Middle East. He is best known for his acoustic solo acts, and producing original music that could most often be recognised under the umbrella of the indie/folk genre.

Scott Beaton

Scott Beaton is a multi-talented, passionate, Scottish instrumentalist, composer and producer. Although his ‘weapon of choice’ is guitar, he is also a competent & confident bass player, vocalist, drummer.

Beats and Bytes

Beats and Bytes’ dancers, consist of young, energetic and ever innovative personalities who specialise in modern and other dance forms. Beats and Bytes’ delivers its mission and vision to the Filipino community by way of educating and training dancers to perform for various community activities.

Music Vending Machine

The band is a multi-national bunch that plays multi-genre music with a modern twist. They create mashups of different songs while adding a twist of originality to every number they perform.