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Personal Voice in Filmmaking with Ahmed Atef

Start date:
Jun 12, 2011
5 Days
Ability Level:
Beginner. Over 16 years old

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Finding your personal voice: the storyteller’s secret

The major problem for all beginners in filmmaking is how to choose a story to tell. Everyone has a dozen ideas based on his or her emotions, thoughts and experiences. The aim of this 5 day workshop is to find your own voice and discover the art of storytelling.
Your voice is buried in your heart, in your soul. It needs a certain technique to get it out in a professional way. Through story telling techniques and by answering questions about yourself and the world around you it allows you to orchestrate between imagination and reality to form a story for a film.

Dates: June 12th – 16th
Time: 6.00pm – 9.00pm
Language: English/Arabic
Location: Katara, Doha

Ahmed Atef
Ahmed Atef is one of the innovative voices in Arab cinema. His feature films Omar 2000 and AL GHABA have been labeled one of the most courageous talent of his generation as said by several festivals and film magazines like Variety. His 10 documentaries and 3 feature films have been presented in more than 50 festivals worldwide such as Cannes and Rotterdam etc. Eager for knowledge and training, he received a BA from High Cinema Institute in Egypt and pursued courses in important film institutes in Europe and the UD, such as Berlinale, Eave and UCLA. He then study at the Master degree program of University of Southern California at Hollywood. He’s also a film critic for the prominent daily newspaper AL AHRAM and published several books among them his book of poetry BENT AL KHER. He’s also a former expert for the European commission and former director for several festivals like Ismaili and Cairo. He has also been a jury member in many festivals like Clermont Ferrand, Milan, Tangiers, Tehran and Carthage.