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Ajyal Film Festival 2018

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Bariq Short Film Programme

Runtime: 49 min

Join us for a selection of charming shorts that will keep the whole family entertained.


  • Flo

    Ajyal Competition

    One day a little flea makes a new friend, but their home is a strange place, and they must work together to fi…

    Nora Marie Back / Germany / 2017 / Short Narrative

  • An Old Lady Stepped Outside for Some Bread and Pastry

    Ajyal Competition

    Based on a poem by Anna Ignatova, this charming little animation is about how you never know where a day may t…

    Anastasiya Jakulina / Russian Federation / 2017 / Short Narrative

  • The Hunt

    Ajyal Competition

    While on the way to the woods one day, a shortsighted but well-meaning hunter mistakes a rambunctious little

    Alexey Alekseev / France / 2017 / Short Narrative

  • Please Frog, Just One Sip

    Ajyal Competition

    It is a hot day in Africa, and Frog cannot stand the heat any longer. He takes a sip, but his thirst is unquen…

    Diek Grobler / South Africa / 2017 / Short Narrative

  • Sabaku

    Ajyal Competition

    A short but endearing story about making new friends and finding acceptance, as a little bird name Sabaku goes…

    Marlies van der Wel / Netherlands / 2016 / Short Narrative

  • Where Are You Right Meow?

    Ajyal Competition

    A young artist, Ayako, struggles with creative block. Suddenly, her beloved cat Beru goes missing,

    Maysam Al-Ani / Qatar / 2018 / Short Narrative

  • Forum Des Images - My Family Tree!

    Ajyal Competition

    The 'Bariq Short Film Programme' is accompanied by an abridged version of the ‘My Family Tree’ Cine-Concert.

    / / / Musical Performance

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