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Ajyal Film Festival 2018

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Runtime: 92 min

Adversity is a great teacher, and the films in this programme show how when faced with the right mindset, it can be a catalyst for self-development and growth.


  • Commodity City

    Ajyal Competition

    A documentary exploring the daily lives of vendors who work in the largest wholesale consumer market in the wo…

    Jessica Kingdon / United States of America / 2016 / Short Documentary

  • Carlotta's Face

    Ajyal Competition

    When Carlotta looks in the mirror, she doesn’t recognise herself. She suffers from ‘Face Blindness’ a rare con…

    Valentin Riedl, Frédéric Schuld / Germany / 2018 / Short Documentary

  • I Don't Believe in You But Then There Is Gravity

    Ajyal Competition

    A comedic look at the daily lives of the residents of a high-rise building, as their typical Sunday musings ar…

    Umut Subaşı / Turkey / 2018 / Short Narrative

  • Inanimate

    Ajyal Competition

    Katrine lives an ordinary life, with a regular job, in a typical city. Or at least that’s what she thinks unti…

    Lucia Bulgheroni / United Kingdom / 2018 / Short Narrative

  • Brotherhood

    Ajyal Competition

    Malik, an eighteen-year-old with flaming red hair, returns to his small village in Tunisia after fighting in S…

    Meryam Joobeur / Canada, Tunisia, Qatar, Sweden / 2018 / Short Narrative

  • The Craft

    Ajyal Competition

    Envisaging international diplomacy as an alien conspiracy, ‘The Craft’ is a semi-autobiographical work of scie…

    Monira Al Qadiri / Kuwait, Lebanon / 2017 / Short Narrative

  • Transformation

    Ajyal Competition

    A young disabled man who lives with his mother struggles to come to terms with his limitations. A devastating…

    Yousef Al Bagshi / Kuwait / 2017 / Short Narrative

  • Negative Space

    Ajyal Competition

    Even though Sam’s father is often away on business trips, he is able to connect with his son by teaching him t…

    Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata / France / 2017 / Short Narrative

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